Abbaye de Fontevraud (2) – The buildings

Fontevraud Abbey was founded by Robert d’Arbrissel in 1101, financed by the local nobles and his success as a preacher.

In 1804, the abbey became state prison until 1963. Today Fontevraud Abbey is a cultural meeting centre.

other side of the church, infirmary on the left
The abbey church (minster church), building on the left is infirmary.

église abbatiale
The main entrance of the church.

cuisines romanes
The romanesque kitchen.

cuisines romanes(près)
Detail of the kitchen roof.

summer 2014.

 Abbaye de Fontevraud (1)

Abbaye de Fontevraud (1) – Richard Cœur de Lion

I began from the minster church when I visited Fontevraud Abbey few days ago, where Richard I of England (Richard the Lionheard) and his family were buried.

When Richard the Lionheart (King of England 1189 -1199) came to Fontevraud for the fruneral of his father Henry II Plantagenet (King of England 1154 – 1189), he asked to be buried next to him after his death, although the son and the father had quarrelled continuously. His wish was granted when he died in April 1199.

There are four recumbent figures in the middle of the church: Richard the Lionheard, his parents Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, his sister-in-aw Isabella of Angoulême (wife of his younger brother John Lackland).

Richard Coeur de Lion

Recumbent figures of Richard the Lionheard and Isabella of Angoulême

Richar of Lionheard

Richard the Lionheard, Isabella of Angoulême, in the back, Henry II (right) and Queen Eleanor

How to spend our last years of life?

Vast question.

We fight for our existence almost since we were born. We study hard work hard, we take care of our families our parents, we worry about our children, we buy insurances for this and for that. Years go by, we have to face our own disappearance.

How to spend our last few years of life?

This little film “Et si on vivait tous ensemble?” (And if we live all together?) tries to answer the question with a lot of humor.

Film of Stéphane Robelin, French, 2011

With Jane Fonda, Geraldine Chaplin, Pierre Richard, Claude Rich, Guy Bedos, Daniel Brühl

The trailer:


Went to see a triathlon (men and women) 2 weeks ago.

getting ready
Getting ready to start.

After 750m swim in the river, they came here to pick up the bikes for 20km cycle in the old town, finally came here again to change their shoes for the last 5km run.