La Loire and a small island

June, the water level is low, one can walk to the central of the river bed.

river bed
on the right is an island, does anybody live there?
in the end of the island there is a little path, but water is not low enought to go in to it without getting wet
this boat belong to someone who goes to the island often or even lives there?

In fact, I had been to the island once. Back to summer 2015, I was here, the river was almost dry, and I easily went in to the island by the little path.

dry river
entrance of the island, not a wild island, it seems
a house there
an other house, not sure if inhabited

After about 10mn, I turned back. I did a little research afterwards. The island inhabited by 2 families, there are some agricuture aswell, but the farmers live outside the island.


Due to the chilly spring this year, the Tilia bloom 2 – 3 weeks late than usual. Still they have not yet in their full bloom (mi June).

Tilia flowers make very good herbal tea.

As a bonus, just around the corner of the Tilia, I saw a deer, it was quite a surprise, because the woods were not that wild, the deer looked very young, maybe its parents were not far.

June 2021.