A small vineyard

This is a small vineyard, not far from the town center of Angers, only one hectare, in front of this 11th century building. The vineyard is maintained by volunteers, produced two types of wine: dry white wine and sparkling wine.


September 2016.

Old convent la Baumette (2) – Edifice

The Old convent la Baumette was built in the 15th century upon a rock, face to the river Maine, it was a convent from 15th century until the french revolution (1789), then sold as a national property to a private owner. Today it’s belong to the Robert family. This private property is opened to public. I visited it one week ago during the Heritage Days.

Le cloître

September 2015.

Béhuard (4) – The river

Of course,  Béhuard surrounded by the river Loire,  the whole village is a flood-risk area,  it coved by water every now and then.  When it happens,  people live with it and just wait until the water goes.

August is the dry, very dry season, a glass of drink in the Guinguette, you can watch the beautiful Loire all day long.

la loire



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