Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

No, this isn’t foreign to me at all, in fact, it’s a very faumous cantonese dishe, one usually eats chicken feet as dim sum in breakfast with tea,  they can be cooked in different ways, those in the picture were cooked in soy sauce and some medicinal herbs.

But eating chicken feet is very foreign to my friends who aren’t chinese, also to my son who was born in France.

Picture taken in Guangzhou / December 2011.
Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign”

  1. I love chicken feet and peanut soup ^ – ^grilled chicken feet with chili sauce is also very yummy , too !

  2. It’s a street food here. Not much of a fan and my kids as well are so surprised when they see their cousins ate it gleefully 🙂

  3. Oh, yes! Very foreign. Being a vegetarian and living in New Mexico, it seems quite foreign in so many ways!

  4. eof737, Iñigo and danajoward, when I took the picture, I didn’t realize the chicken feet look so, hands, Thank you!

  5. Wonderful photo for this weeks theme foreign. Though, Chicken feet are delicious. Thank you for sharing such a foreign photo! 😉

  6. Tahira, Wes B. and mengxy8155, thank you very much for your nice comments, the world is beautiful, the chicken feet are delicious~~

  7. There’s just so much of the world that’s beautiful, magical, and wondrous, isn’t there? You’ve captured all that beautifully in your photographs.

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