22 thoughts on “Notre-Dame de Paris”

  1. Olivia, thank you for sharing these pictures of Notre-Dame de Paris!

    真的很震驚…剛看到時, 多希望這只是一則假新聞…
    去年九月貼文時, 當天位在里約熱內盧的巴西國立博物館 (The National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro) 也因祝融燬於一旦…

  2. You were fortunate to be able to see it before this horrible tragedy. When you think about all the wars that this church has survived it almost unimaginable that a careless fire has caused so much devastation to this iconic building.

      1. Let’s hope they can rebuild. It’s not the first church in history to burn down, and many others were rebuilt. I see some French billionaire has offered 100 million to its rebuild. With that spirit we may have it back

  3. Lovely photographs and so sad to see on the news that it’s burning. I hope the building can be saved 🙏

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