Castles and water

In this area, castles are so often link with water, built by a river, a stream, or surrounded by a moat.

Château du Plessis-Bourré, a XV century castle, surrounded by an artificial lake.
chateau du plessi bourré

Plessi-Bourré castle’s entrance.
entrée du plessi bourré

In front of this river (Le Loir), it’s a XI century castle,  château royal de Durtal. There are River Loire (La Loire) and River Loir (Le Loir), La Loire is the main river of the Loire Valley, le Loir is also in the area, but much smaller.
le loir

Royal de durtal castle seen from the bridge.
chateau de durtal

Château de Pornic, a XII century castle, faces the atlantic ocean.  although in serious, it’s in the “Pays de la Loire”, but the castle is not one the Loire valley castles, it situated in the south of the river Loire, where the big river joins the atlantic ocean.  Pornic castle is private, not open to public visited.
chateau du pornic

photos taken on July 2013.

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  1. Thanks for all of your nice comments! Château du Plessis – Bourré is a small private castle in the Loire Valley, it is open to public, the castle master’s family still live in the castle during the holidays.

  2. ” Château du Plessis – Bourré, a XV century castle, surrounded by a artificial lake” , what a beautiful photograph !!!

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