Française d’origine chinoise.

I am from Guangzhou, southern China, now live in west of France. I like using camera to record this wonderful world.



73 thoughts on “About

  1. A lovely blog. Xie xie for sharing. J
    ust stopped over in Guangxho in December for a trip to Asia. And you live in Angers.
    Don’t we all move around?
    Bon week-end.

  2. This is a wonderful new way for me to view the world through your lens. I see the world through words. Looking forward to the new visions through your photos.

  3. How nice to be in contact and I appreciate that you took the time browse the blog where is discuss photography. I look forward to wandering through your site looking at your photography and reading your thoughts as I get to know about you.

  4. Thanks for the “follow”, Olivia! I’ve reciprocated. Always enjoy seeing how others interpret the Weekly Photo Challenges. Enjoyed perusing some of yours.

  5. Greetings Olivia. This is brilliant and captivating work that you are doing. Your photographs are stunning. If you have created a new blog I would love to know so that I could continue to follow along. My best wishes to you.

  6. Well when one is between multiple languages it is a nice way to express yourself by letting your images speak! Your mission (let the images speak) is an example of images transporting your message.

  7. Hi Olivia! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking a post. I invite you to visit again soon and perhaps follow. I welcome your comments when you visit. I am glad your visit to my blog brought me to your blog. You have some beautiful images posted! Enjoy the day!

  8. You have a great blog running here. Interesting themes being touched around. Very much looking forward to be following you around and watching your snaps.

  9. 我从来没有用过单反,我只有Sigma DP2,可是我很喜欢这相机,二十年在法国,很长的日子了,我离开我的家乡也18年了。有机会可以切磋拍照的心得。


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