Abbaye de Fontevraud (1) – Richard Cœur de Lion

I began from the minster church when I visited Fontevraud Abbey few days ago, where Richard I of England (Richard the Lionheard) and his family were buried.

When Richard the Lionheart (King of England 1189 -1199) came to Fontevraud for the fruneral of his father Henry II Plantagenet (King of England 1154 – 1189), he asked to be buried next to him after his death, although the son and the father had quarrelled continuously. His wish was granted when he died in April 1199.

There are four recumbent figures in the middle of the church: Richard the Lionheard, his parents Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, his sister-in-aw Isabella of Angoulême (wife of his younger brother John Lackland).

Richard Coeur de Lion
Recumbent figures of Richard the Lionheard and Isabella of Angoulême
Richar of Lionheard
Richard the Lionheard, Isabella of Angoulême, in the back, Henry II (right) and Queen Eleanor

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