A dominican couvent

Last month, in the “Journées du Patrimoine”, I visited a dominican monastery (traditionalist catholic), discreetly situated, one can go pass without noticing it.

That was a Sunday at 2pm, visitors were outside the 12th century church, a Priest was going to take us for the visit.

Inside the church, the roof was seriously damaged during the WWII.  Have been repaired since.

church 1
Another look of the church.

A dominican monk on an old gravestone.

A boy school in the monastery. The building is 17th century.

school building
Our guide was a Priest in his middle age, and there were other two, dressed exactly the same, much younger though, among us.

young priest
“What are you doing here?”  We were curious. One of them told us with smile that he’s come from Canada, here studying for 6 or 7 years to become Priest, this was his first year.

september 2014.

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