Le grand trianon

grand trianon

le grand trianon

In 1687 Jules Hardouin Mansart built the Grand Trianon, probably the most refined group of buildings anywhere in the domain of Versailles, on the site of the “Porcelain Trianon”, which Louis XIV had erected in 1670 to escape the pomp and rigid formality of court life with his mistress Madame de MontespanThe Grand Trianon

summer 2012.

Here: Le petit trianon

Royal kitchen garden – Versailles (7)

potager du roi

“In order to supply his table, Louis XIV commissioned the gardener J.B. de la Quintinie to create a huge kitchen garden (Potager du roi, 9 hectares) on the edge of the deer park.  Work began in 1678 and the garden began to produce crops in 1683.  It was especially renowned for its early fruit and vegetables, despite its initially very poor soil.  It still has its original subdivisions, but the espectacularly shaped fruit trees are down to XIXth century know-how.  Today it is home to the National Landscape School. ” — Tourist guide of Versailles

photos taken on summer 2012.
Versailles (6) – Scultptures in the gardens
Versailles (5) – The Petit Trianon and the Hamlet
Versailles (4) – The King’s jubilation
Versailles (3) – On the roof
Versailles (2) – Marie-Antoinette’ swan
Versailles (1) – Contemporary art in Versailles