Abbaye de Fontevraud (4) – The limestone

The main construction material of Fontevraud Abbey is limstone (tufa), a typical local material.

“Fresh and bright, the birthplace of the great vineyards, tufa stone sign the cultural identity of the Loire Valley through its castles, abbeys, towns and villages.”

the grand-moutier cloister
The Grand-Moûtier cloister. “The cloister is a place of passage: the whole life of the convent is organized around it.”

garden of grand moutier
Gardens of the Grand-Moûtier.

Inside the abbey church and a detail on it’s wall.

la promeneuse
“The walker in Fontevraud” (La promeneuse à fontevraud). A painting exhibition in one of the Abbey restaurants, by Noëmie Marsily and Carl Roosens.

something to eat
Got something to eat while enjoy the paintings.

Abbaye de Fontevraud (1)
Abbaye de Fontevraud (2)
Abbaye de Fontevraud (3)

summer 2014.

I’ve visited a rose garden

It’s a 4 hectares park with 13000 rose bushes, about 1000 varieties of roses.


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Although in mid-june, a lot of roses have passed their most beautiful bloom,  the charm remains.

pink roses

pink rose

pink roses

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Equipment to get the aroma out of the roses.

A delicious cupcake and rose petals tea to finish the visit.

The garden is Les chenmins de la rose, about 300km south-west from Paris.

photos taken june 2014.

Hot air balloons championship

I’ve been to one of the flights of Franch hot air balloons championship (Championnat de France de Montgolfières) this year. It was hold in the huge garden of a Loire valley castle.

On my way to the show, I hit to a terrible trafic jam, so I arrived almost late.

Not quite, the balloons were just getting ready.
get ready

getting ready

Everybody was taking pictures.
taking pictures

I’ve managed slip to the front.


Lighted by the flame and the setting sun.

Off it went.
off it went

The castle, Chateau de Brissac, where the balloons taken off from it’s garden, at 18h44, half an hour before the flight.
chateau Brissac

At 20h00.
chateau de brissac

Photos taken on 29 August 2013.

Royal kitchen garden – Versailles (7)

potager du roi

“In order to supply his table, Louis XIV commissioned the gardener J.B. de la Quintinie to create a huge kitchen garden (Potager du roi, 9 hectares) on the edge of the deer park.  Work began in 1678 and the garden began to produce crops in 1683.  It was especially renowned for its early fruit and vegetables, despite its initially very poor soil.  It still has its original subdivisions, but the espectacularly shaped fruit trees are down to XIXth century know-how.  Today it is home to the National Landscape School. ” — Tourist guide of Versailles

photos taken on summer 2012.
Versailles (6) – Scultptures in the gardens
Versailles (5) – The Petit Trianon and the Hamlet
Versailles (4) – The King’s jubilation
Versailles (3) – On the roof
Versailles (2) – Marie-Antoinette’ swan
Versailles (1) – Contemporary art in Versailles