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Last Sunday (23rd June)  was “la fête du vélo en Anjou”,  roads in both sides along the river Loire from Angers to Montsoreau (a village 15km east from Saumur) were car free (120km in total)  for a day specially for bikes.

la loire

This bicycle festival already 17 year old, 3 years ago, people are encouraged to come with their vintage bicycles and dressed in vinage, to participate in vintage bicycles contest.

Anjou bicycles vintage is integrated into Anjou bicycles festival,  “Anjou vélo vintage” and “la fête du vélo en Anjou” become little by little well known. There were 20 nationalities participated in 2013’s vélo vintage.
anjou vélo vintage

2013 is the 100 years of Tour de France, Anjou vélo vintage did a “look back tour”(22nd June) , le rétro 1903,  from Angers to Saumur to celebrate it, some veterans of Tour de France and 300 others had jointed this event.
vintage - la rétro

Below are the pictures taken on the road of  fête du vélo/vélo vintage  2013 (23rd June):

In the town of Surmur, there was a village of “vélo vintage” on saturday 22nd and sunday 23rd of June, there were exhibation of old bikes,  old objects  to go with bikes, vintage style bicycles, vintage  sweets, here are some pictures:

The vintage contest winner was, this couple from Chamonix (Franch Alpes).
vintage contest winners

Sunday 23 June in Surmur after few hours cycling. I wasn’t dressed up in vintage.
me in town Saumur

photos taken on 22, 23 June 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

A University campus in Guangzhou, South China, a city in the city, one can live his entire life inside.

It used to be a suburban of Guangzhou, little by little,  it merged to the urbanization of the big city. The picture was taken(december 2011) outside the underground station which is next to the campus’ main entrance,  people leave their bikes to pick up the metro.

AND, that’s where I spent my childhood and youth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Bicycle bicycle

It’s good for the health good for the environnement, why not use it more often.

Lausanne Switzerland / summer 2007

One of the stage of Tour de France 2008

Vélib’ – Paris’ selfservice bicycles / summer 2010          Family outing / west France / spring 2010

Bicycle vintage / west France / summer 2011             A house by the river Loire / spring 2010

Photos taken with different cameras (film and digital).


自行车据说是由一个叫德西瓦(de Sivral)的人在1790年发明。一跟木棒(中间有小枕做车座)连接两个木轮子,前头有木把手,双脚着地交替用力使“机器”前进,就是最初自行车的样子(下图左下方所示,右上角是1885年的三轮车)。





今天的单车多用于休闲。 但是目前节能风声四起,各个地方纷纷开设自行车道,很多城市免费或者很优惠提供自行车给市民使用,有的公司学校给骑自行车上班的职员予以奖励。



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