No, I do not feel comfortable to talk about my family.

I’m getting older, things become easier.

I was 3 and an half
brother mum dad and me (1984)

The generation of my parents in China didn’t have an easy life: IIWW/Civil War in their young age, then the political movements one after another, a lot of fear and worry. 1980s was a good decade for them, the country just come out of 10 years cultural revolution, people felt much lighter …

mum at home in Guangzhou (2005), I was with her, dad was passed away few years before

What she worn was my shirt which I didn’t take with me when I left home, it surprised me so much, because she never really appreciated my style.

grandma, picture I took when I spent the chinese new year with her at 1982

She’s tiny, amazing, had 4 boys and 5 girls, mum was her 6th child. I think I got on better with her than mum.

Today the older generation is gone, many good souvenirs left.