In the park of Pignerolle, Saint-Barthélémy-d’Anjou, west France, German navy built these bunkers between 1942 -1943, as western command center for U-boats, the place was chosen as it was far enough from the sea to be safe, whilst the radio communication in the area were good as the land was very flat.

All communication with U-boats in the Atlantic were routed from Berlin through the Pignerolle command and communication center. The park was used by up to 1000 German submariners for rest, relaxation and training purpose. Submariners left the place at August 1944.

11 bunkers were built, today we can see 4, in which 2 can be visited in a special day with guide.

inside the bunker
history lesson
outdoor history lesson
today, Pignerolle is a park for everybody

September 2018.