A wall decoration

red birds

This is a wall decoration in a 19 century academic temple of Guangzhou. The temple has many art decorations, every decoration has a signification. And this one, what does it mean? two red birds with a sort of sunflower, good fortune wishes no doubt.

photo taken on spring 2013.

2 thoughts on “A wall decoration

  1. Looks like those two birds are as perplexed about the meaning of the whole thing as anyone!

    Is that at Chen Jia Ci (these days they translate it something like “Chen Clan Academy”)? I haven’t seen this particular decoration.

    • Yes, in a way, we are confused by the very complicating art decoration there (Chenjiaci or Chen Clan Academy), if we want to know what they mean, just too many.

      This one is in the back garden of Chanjiaci.

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