Tongheli (同和里)

A typical cantonese old house, situated in the south-west of Guangzhou, in the district of Haizhu(海珠), I passed it quite by chance, is a area I didn’t come at all. There is  an other district in the north-west of Guangzhou, the Xiguang (西关), in the district of Liwan(荔湾), much more famous for its old cantonese old houses.

May be because Tonheli (同和里) is less known than Xiguang (西关), and the houses were built by the people not so wealthy, the few old houses left in Tonheli don’t seen to be fixed up like in Xiguang.  I don’t know for how long these old houses can standed up in the modern city.

A charming old house in Tonheli(同和里).

The street with few hundred years old trees, next to the old house.
old tree

A street with 30 years old trees, in the other side of the same city. This photo was taken just after the typhoon Youte.
young trees

Photo taken on August 2013.

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