The King’s jubilation – Versailles (4)

“Even more so than the planted architectural patterns and the groves, water in all its forms is the favoured ornament of ‘French-style’ gardens: water cascading in some groves, water spraying from fountains, the calm water of the vast sheets of artificial lakes reflecting the sky and the light such as the Water Parterre and the Grand Canal. ”    The Fountains,  text from the official homepage of Château de Versailles.

The Pyramid fountain.

The drogon fountain.

The three fountains grove.

The fountain beside the three fountain grove next to the dragon fountain.

The Neptune fountain.

The Apollo Fountain, the Grand Canal in the background.

Fountains by night. The Latona fountain, the blue one in the back is the Apollo fountain.

I spent a day and a evening visiting the Versailles Gradens, only seen a corner and some fountains / photos taken on July 2012